The GRAWE Night Marathon on Bundek will be held for the third time this year. What started as a small night race has grown into one of the biggest running events of the year. This is not bragging, but we still feel a bit proud.

In the first year, 450 participants competed in four disciplines – ¼ marathon, ½ marathon, ¾ marathon and marathon. The following year, that number increased to over 1,000, some of whom crossed the finish long after midnight.

This year, we began to prepare your favorite night race at the beginning of the year. What should be included in the start packages? What kind of show should we put on? What should we do with the lights? What about the band? What about the beer? (We know this one is the most important). We can freely say that we have created a spectacle that will be talked about for at least three days, if not four.

One of the main things that will distinguish this year’s race from the previous ones is that there will be a stage in the start-finish area, a stage with a band – and not just any band – the CRY BABIES will be entertaining you. They are runners themselves, so immediately after participating in the 10-kilometer race, they will pick up their instruments and start the program.


3rd GRAWE Night Marathon – Virtual Race

This year there is another novelty – the virtual race! Regardless of where you are on earth (or out of it), you can still run in the GRAWE Night Marathon. You only have to join the Endomondo Challenge, which has been started for that purpose, and perhaps buy the Virtual Start Package, and then run the desired distance on the day of the race.

Read more about this race in the section/tab with the same name.


This year the GRAWE Night Marathon is the highlight of the campaign #PoKRENI, which lasts throughout the year. Its goal is to motivate you to encourage you or somebody around you to introduce good and positive changes into your life or the life of people around you. For beginning runners, there is a race of 4219.5 meters, i.e. a tenth of a marathon, so they can enter the world of running in a symbolic, significant way and take their own real active steps.

More information about the #PoKRENI project can be found at the link.


The slogan of this year’s race is “To the Moon and Back”, which, as we all agree, sounds like the working title of an early space program. However, we liked the analogy – the fact that you run half the race in one direction, and the other half in the other direction provides a certain symbolism to the title, although you will not reach the moon (except if you make a wrong turn), and if our famous meteorologist Vakula brings good luck. The moon will follow you and your pains from start to finish.


And it sounds cool on the T-shirt.

Now, to stop bragging – apply, run, enjoy the music and the fireworks and loudly welcome the people crossing the finish line.

That’s it. See, we are not asking a lot.

See you at Bundek!



Saturday 27 August 2015 / Lake Bundek



There are five disciplines from which to choose:

  • Tenth (4 219.5 m)
  • ¼ marathon (10,549 m)
  • ½ marathon (21,097m)
  • ¾ marathon (31,647m)
  • MARATHON (42,195m)

The race is circular – each round starts and ends at Bundek. Participants will run around the great embankment circle, which will be slightly modified as much as necessary to satisfy the above-mentioned distances in kilometers. As you might guess, ¼ runners run one circuit, half runners run two circuits, ¾ runners run three circuits and real men run four circuits.

The Tenth track, which will be clearly marked, will go through Bundek and the surrounding area.

The race ends when the last marathon runner passes the finish line, so play fair and wait for them… it is an ugly feeling when you are crossing the marathon finish and the only person waiting is the Bundek night watchman who is angry because you have interrupted him while watching a re-run of his favorite series.



Amount of starting fee:

  • 20 EUR for the 1/4 marathon, 1/2 marathon, 3/4 marathon and marathon.
  • 10 EUR for the Desetinka race

(payment for early applications should be received by 16 July inclusive)

 LATE APPLICATIONS / FROM 16 July – 10 August 2016

Amount of starting fee:

  • 25 EUR for the 1/4 marathon, 1/2 marathon, 3/4 marathon and marathon.
  • 15 EUR for the Desetinka race

(payment for late applications should be received by 11 August inclusive)

After 10 August, applications will no longer be accepted, and after 11 August we will not accept payments for starting fees for those who applied early!

After application, you will receive a mail with information and directions for paying the starting fee.

Online applications are closed.


  • 18:45h Donation to the Croatian Union of Diabetes Associations (Hrvatski savez dijabetičkih udruga – HSDU
  • 19:00h Start / Desetinka
  • 19:40h Start / 1/2 marathon, 3/4 marathon and Marathon
  • 20:00h Start / 1/4 marathon
  • 20:15h Victory ceremony / Desetinka
  • 21:15h Victory ceremony / 1/4 marathon
  • 22:15h Victory ceremony / 1/2 marathon
  • 23:15h Victory ceremony / 3/4 marathon
  • 00:15h Victory ceremony / Marathon


Desetinka race:

  • personalized start number with a chip
  • dryfit shirt with race logo
  • silicon bracelet with race logo
  • finishing medal
  • refreshment

Races 1/4 marathon, 1/2 marathon, 3/4 marathon and marathon:

  • personalized start number with a chip
  • dryfit shirt with race logo
  • silicon bracelet with race logo
  • luminous LED bracelet
  • finishing medal
  • refreshment


  • Friday 26 August from 15 – 21h in the shop Decathlon Zagreb East, 5 Siniše Glavaševića Street [location on the map]Participants who do not live in Zagreb and cannot get their number on the day before the race, can obtain their start package on the day of the race:
  • Saturday 17 – 18h in the start-finish area on the Lake Bundek.

No payments or applications will be taken on the day of the race.


  • 1/4 Marathon M/F
  • 1/2 Marathon M/F
  • 3/4 Marathon M/F
  • Marathon M/F

Pehar za prvo troje u svakoj kategoriji.

A cup for the first three finishers in each category:

  • First place – Decathlon voucher in the amount of HRK 500
  • Seconf place – Decathlon voucher in the amount of HRK 300
  • Third place – Decathlon voucher in the amount of HRK 100

In addition to financial awards, the first three will also receive a gift package:

Sponsor for the financial awards and the gift packages:


Lake Bundek is situated in the southern part of Zagreb, immediately next to the Sava River. If you have a GPS that allows you to enter coordinates, enter: 45°46’59.6″N / 15°59’04.4″E, which will take you right to the street along the lake, where with a little bit of luck, you may find a parking space. If not, there are enough parking spaces around, so there should be no problem (at the time of the race, parking is FREE OF CHARGE). Another option to set the GPS to take you to DAMIRA TOMLJANOVIĆA Street, i.e. the same street leading along the very edge of the park, i.e. Lake Bundek.

When you park your car and head towards the park, find the main entrance, from which you will be able to see the merry group of organizers trying hard to set up a tent without instructions from the Chinese sub-contractors.


Within the area, there will be a tent with the changing room, where you can leave your backpacks and other things, that is marked with your start number. We recommend that you take your things immediately after passing the finish line to avoid creating additional queues.


A tenth of a marathon (Desetinka race) is run on Bundek along a marked track. This track is intended for beginners, so if you are a tough runner, you should probably try one of the longer races. There is no point in coming from the track after 20 minutes and then being bored.

The track for other races is circular, 10.5 km long with each kilometer being marked. There will be candles along the entire length of the track at a distance of about 100 m, so you should see (provided somebody does not nick them) the entire track that you have to run. In addition to this guidance system, there will be volunteers who will direct you at critical spots so you do not end up shopping at the Arena Centre or the Mosque on the other side of the round. About 96% of the track is lit, and a small unlit part should be passed bravely, without thinking about the beasts crouching in the bushes along the track. Just kidding. There are no bushes. For your safety and comfort, we recommend that you take a head lamp (not a condition) to be sure that you do not trip over something.


At about the fifth kilometer of the race, smiling volunteers will be waiting for you, to give you a banana or a lemon, and you can even have one for the road. The location was first intended to be at the Café Ti & Ja, however, subsequent calculations showed that it would be much more practical to set it up next to our warming-up benches. In the start/finish area, you will be welcomed by an identical banquet, so you do not have to worry about your sugar level during the race.

At the finish, in addition to snacks and beverages, you can also have a DukatFIT protein shake to regain lost energy after the race.


After running the ¼ marathon, the boys and girls of the band CRY BABIES will pick up their instruments and start entertaining you with their excellent covers.


The area of the finish is situated next to the stands in Bundek, which will serve as a place for socializing, cheering, sleeping, eating, etc. Each competitor must pass along the stands at the end of a circuit, so you will have the opportunity to cheer for your friends just like at a real athletic meet. Be fair and mingle near the stands to cheer on all those who are running 30+ km when they are sick and tired of the dark, the candles, the running and all of us in the stands.

We might have forgotten something, or perhaps not. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at

Campaign for collecting kilometers

#poklonisvojekilometre #zadjecudijabeticare

Every ten minutes, one child in the world is diagnosed with diabetes. This is a devastating fact, especially because scientific studies show that in more than 40% of diabetes cases the illness could have been slowed down and/or avoided if people had been physically active for up to 150 minutes a week. The possibility for a complete recovery has not been proven for persons with Type 2 diabetes, but in controlled conditions, physical activity stimulates better glycemic control and prevents a series of complications related to the illness.

Kid self testing (1)

With the appearance of computers, video games and smartphones, children spend less time outdoors and on the move. Over 250,000 persons with diabetes in Croatia (although it is believed that there may be as many as 400,000) and allocating 11.5% of the budget of the Croatian Health Insurance Fund to treat the consequences of diabetes are alarming data that moved GRAWE to make its contribution by starting the PoKRENI initiative.

In cooperation with the Croatian Union of Diabetes Associations (HSDU), there will be several activities, including the campaign #poklonisvojekilometer #zadjecudijabetičare, which is the first in a series of initiatives to sensitize the public. Specifically, GRAWE invites the running community to encourage their friends and family to start collecting their first running kilometers and to donate them to children with diabetes. For the first 50,000 kilometers collected, GRAWE will donate 1 kuna to HSDU.

How to donate kilometers?

You can donate your kilometers through one of the most popular free smartphone applications, “Endomondo.” Just download the Endomondo application, register to donate your kilometers in the 2016 challenge to PoKRENI-pokloni and use the application while running, thus registering the number of kilometers you cover. Each kilometer in the Endomondo PoKRENI challenge will be considered as a donated kilometer and will be added to the total for HSDU.

Information about the daily status of kilometers that have been collected will be announced on the web page: and on

To the Moon and Back… isn’t it romantic?

Although we support giving cotton shirts to runners to wear after the race in town and on weddings, this year the start package contains an excellent dryfit shirt which, we believe, will make you visible for miles.

And the story behind the medal is very simple – this is all a big show, and it is up to us to provide the best direction… and the show must be followed by scenery, which in this case is the bridge in Bundek, the clouds and the stars. Three reasons why you love this race and why you come back to the show year after year.


This year, for the first time, you will have an opportunity to participate in our night marathon even if you are not near Bundek on 27 August.

The virtual race is free, but if you would like a memory from this unique sporting event, we have prepared a Virtual Start Package that contains a personalized start number and a dryfit shirt with the race logo at the price of HRK 50 (including postage).

The number of virtual start packages is limited to 100 items. After the packages are sold out, applications for the virtual race will be closed.

In addition to completing the application on this page, the procedure for participating also includes the acceptance of Endomondo Challenge, which will gather all virtual competitors and offer them the chance to compete virtually and to see their results.

We want to point out that the race will not have an official order, no categories and no medal; this is a race in which you are running solely to be a part of this great running event and to enjoy it just like the participants who will be running that evening at Bundek.

However, there will be awards

Take your photo during the Virtual Race, take your photo after it, take a photo of your Garmin or whatever you use to measure kilometers, then share the photo with us on Instagram or Facebook using our hashtags – #GRAWEnoćnimaraton #virtualniGRAWEnocnimaraton or #PoKRENI – and we will reward the ten most original and interesting authors with a nice gift package (whose content will not be revealed just now)

Precise directions will be published on this page as the day of the race gets near. What you should do right now is wonder whether you would like to be a part of this event or not.

We think we know the answer.


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Online applications are closed.

If your payment is not registered in three working days after you paid, please contact us.


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